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With daily fraud checks and more than 150000 publishers working with us, we can deliver a huge volume of traffic of the highest quality.

Before getting in contact about advertising with us, please be aware that we are a Complete network first and foremost. Therefore, the majority of our traffic is legit and every conversions are checked by our in-house Fraud and Prevention system.

Types of offers that we work with: CPA, CPE, CPI, CPL.
Verticals that work best with our traffic: Gaming, Technology, Sweepstakes

We do not and will not deliver traffic to Adult, Dating offers.

If you’re happy with all of the above, please get in contact with us via

Email : admin@cpawish.com
skype : John Cpawish

CPAWish. We do not work with individuals. Advertisers and Ad Agencies only please.

Note: We work with established, reputable advertising agencies only. We do not work with individuals or advertising companies less than 1 year old.


More than 26 of the biggest ad agencies in the World are happily profiting from our traffic.


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Email : admin@cpawish.com

skype : John Cpawish

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